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If you own your home or not, it is important to make sure it is insured against the worst happening. A storm or flood could be devastating and apart from the loss of your belongings, where would you stay?

Our expert team can offer professional advice with a personal service to make sure you are covered in the event of the worst happening. Give us a call now on 0208 663 3939 or complete the contact form and we will come back to you!

Buildings Insurance

This covers the rebuilding of your home should it need to be demolished. The rebuilding “value” will rarely be the same as the retail value of your home – after all, you own the land already! We offer quotes which include Accidental Damage (just in case a foot goes through the ceiling) and offer a bespoke rebuilding cost or an “up to” value from a selection of different insurers depending on your needs. You can also combine the cover with contents and all risks insurance too!

If you don’t know your rebuilding cost don’t worry – our expert team can assist and signpost you towards finding it out for free!

Contents Insurance

Even if you live in a flat or apartment and don’t need to insure the buildings, it is important you cover your belongings in case of fire, flood or theft as well as other perils. We offer insurance including Accidental Damage ( in case of a spill of red wine on white carpets for example ) and for all your expensive electronics and personal items.

All Risks Insurance

This is an extension of your Contents insurance. It covers for items you regularly take outside of the home. It includes expensive sports equipment, photography equipment, mobile phones or tablets, money and credit cards as well as jewellery you might be wearing or personal items held in a bag. Make sure to add this onto your policy as well as any bicycle insurance you might need.

Home Emergency & Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance is important cover for any legal advice you might need to take or for legal action required or to be defended. Home Emergency cover assists in the event of a problem with your boiler, or with broken pipes or damaged services such as electricity or gas in an emergency. Both of these products can usually be added onto a Household policy with ease.

Home Emergency Insurance can be purchased separately from any other policy – just call our team for professional advice and personal service on 0208 663 3939 or complete the contact us form!

Mid Net Worth Insurance

Mid Net Worth Insurance is a more bespoke package which has a minimum Contents value of £75,000. This insurance policy offers a lot of additional features included as standard and the premium will be slightly higher to reflect this. Often compared as the “business class” as opposed to the standard economy on a plane, this policy will respond and offer more cover at a reasonable premium. It also will also provide cover for fine art and antiques and large amounts of jewellery and watches.

Call us now on 0208 663 3939 if you want a quote for this policy.

High Net Worth Insurance

High Net Worth Insurance is often referred to as the “first class” of home insurance and is available for Contents in excess of £150,000. It offers great coverage and often claims settlements are made much quicker than standard policies. It also will also provide cover for fine art and antiques and large amounts of jewellery and watches.

Call us now on 0208 663 3939 if you want a quote for this policy.

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